Earthbound Flat Cushion Bed - Apricot

Earthbound Flat Cushion Bed - Apricot

Earthnound Cushions are the ultimate luxury for your pet as they are some of the deepest filled you will find on the market. They are filled with the same material that is used in the vast majority of cushions for human use ensuring your pet benefits from the same comfort you enjoy through the night.


These cushions use an innovative 3-Channel system where the cushions are filled in three separate compartments. This prevents the fibre inside from moving around in the inner cushion while maintaining an even structure throughout when sleeping on the cushion and after washing.



Three separate channels prevent the cushion lumping to one side for heavier dogs (excluding X-Small).



The cover fabric to the bed is easily removable with an opening on one side.


Size:  101x72


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