Hiro + Wolf Marine Kikoy Hound Collar

Hiro + Wolf Marine Kikoy Hound Collar

Roam the land or sail the seas in the latest striped Marine Kikoy print. Wolf's new go-to for business meetings after his morning dip in the sea. 


These handmade dog collars use high quality buckles and solid D rings, secured by two rivets, making them ideal collars for large dogs (and small strong ones!). Featuring a unique, circular leather cut-out design to reveal a colourful fabric underneath. 


Designed specifically for small and large hounds including Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Greyhounds and Lurchers, the collar's 'fishtail' design prevents it from slipping over their slim heads and protects their delicate windpipes.


Handmade in their London studio these leather greyhound collars are rigorously tested by Zawadi, their rescued Egyptian street hound.


  • Sizing





    23cm to 29cm around the neck, collar is 4cm wide.

    Italian Greyhound + Small Whippet


    29cm to 35cm around the neck, collar is 5cm wide.

    Whippet + Small Greyhound + Bedlington Terrier


    35cm to 42cm around the neck, collar is 6cm wide.

    Greyhound + Lurcher + Saluki + Irish Wolfhound + Scottish Deerhound